Thirty-seven LaSalleMart News podcasts were published between January 2012 and May 2015.

My replacement podcast, LaSalle Software News, starts in the fall 2015. 

Note: Starting Fall 2015, LaSalleMart News podcasts are now continuing as

LaSalleMart #37: One More Month

May 4, 2015


On track to release LaSalleCMS, along with other pacakges, at the end of May.

LaSalleMart #36: Blog App On Track

Apr 1, 2015


Hand crafted with love using the latest Laravel 5 framework, I did it my way, in the way that I envisioned building it. It made the initial effort harder, which makes it all the more satisfying with the results. LaSalleCMS is comprised of a series of packages that are added on to the main app. Each package is related to each other, and must be installed together.

LaSalleMart #35: The Slog And Winding Road

Feb 27, 2015


It's been a slogging type of month, with lots of journeys of discovery: Laravel 5's recent release; structuring my software as proper open source projects on GitHub, Packagist, and Travis-CI; figuring out what package development approach works for me (L5 dropped it's L4 pkg dev facility with no replacement); setting up cloud server with a real domain just to see what my software looks like on a real site.

LaSalleMart #34: FOSS The API

Jan 27, 2015


Update on progress, thoughts on Laravel 5, making LaSalle Software FOSS, economics of web apps is changing, interview at Laravel News, closed Atlassian accounts,.

LaSalleMart #33: Plans For 2015

Jan 6, 2015


LaSalleCMS, LaSalleMart, LaSalleCast.

LaSalleMart #32: From The Ground Down

Aug 1, 2014


It's been three months since deciding to change my technical specialization. Do I have regrets? Do I wake up at night wondering if I made the right decision? Three months is long enough to sense if I am on the right track.

LaSalleMart #31: Need To Get It To Get It

Jul 1, 2014


A big thank you to all in the Laravel community who provide an abundance of educational materials and source code. The May Laracon 2014 NYC videos recently released are very helpful -- although the lightening talk was surprisingly about lightening.

LaSalleMart #30: From Joomla To WordPress And Laravel

Jun 1, 2014


I am dropping Joomla. Therefore, my massive investment in LaSalleMart 3.0 is being dumped. Moving to the Laravel Framework.

LaSalleMart #29: Spreading Technology Wings

May 1, 2014


Last month I wanted to stay heads-down programming LaSalleMart 3.0, so I basically cancelled my last month's podcast. I have lots to update.

LaSalleMart #28: Bursting!

Apr 1, 2014


I am absolutely bursting to tell you about my private client group. But, with a family emergency last month I am behind with LaSalleMart. I am back on track now, and am mere weeks away now from releasing my first production version of LaSalleMart 3. It is better that I stay focused on development right now, being so close to the first production release. So I'm going to hold off getting you up to date. And then I will burst!

LaSalleMart #27: Convention, Details, And Broader View

Feb 28, 2014


This month's podcast reviews LaSalleMart's progress, the details of implementing the vision of LaSalleMart; and, reviewing other upcoming projects.

LaSalleMart #26: Pursuing A Modelling Career

Feb 1, 2014


What data model decisions should I make?

LaSalleMart #25: Demo, Show And Day

Jan 3, 2014


This month's podcast is an informal chat about LaSalleMart3's progress, a renewed "The Bob Bloom Show" podcast, a brand new Value Proposition, thoughts on my Joomla Distro; and, a word about a potential JoomlaDay Toronto this year.

LaSalleMart #24: LM3 Alpha One Achieved

Dec 1, 2013


It is unusual that I get so excited about non-production, first Alpha, software that is not even available to the public. But, today is that day because the initial Alpha version of LaSalleMart3 is done...

LaSalleMart #23: Vision Fruition

Nov 1, 2013


Although LaSalleMart 3 development slowed down by client work in October, the second prototyping is going well. I am so concerned about using Joomla and the Framework on Framework in a certain way that I'm still testing my approach. So far, it is going very well...

LaSalleMart #22: LaSalleMart 3

Oct 1, 2013


No forking around! LaSalleMart 3 is from-scratch based on the superb Akeeba Framework on Framework.

LaSalleMart #21: LaSalleMart 2 On Ice

Sep 1, 2013


After a longer than expected journey, LaSalleMart 2 is done. A wonderful base Joomla ecommerce package, with a nice little knowledge base to supplement its administration screens. LaSalleMart 2 is now at the point where it's time to broaden its functionality, start refactoring the code, and move it to Joomla 3. Exactly where I want it to be. Except that I've concluded that it is better to start fresh than to build out LM2. A startling conclusion!

LaSalleMart #20: Nyet To JED

Aug 1, 2013


The JED listing process has been very educational...

LaSalleMart #18: JED, JUGT, And Roll Redux

Jun 5, 2013


Installs, JED, JUGT presentation, Demo, Mandrill, Framework on Framework.

LaSalleMart #17: Real. Live. LaSalleMart.

May 2, 2013


LaSalleCMS distro was ignored last month. LaSalleMart development is just too intense right now. In April the new Knowledge Base sprouted, there were six builds, several core areas received a makeover, and I'm up to 41 issues in my issue tracker already...

LaSalleMart #16: JED, Jump, And Roll

Apr 3, 2013


Updates on LaSalleMart, JED, client tricks...

LaSalleMart #15: Ready For Your Site

Mar 5, 2013


There was the initial launch on New Years when I released LaSalleMart 2 for user testing. That initial user testing went well, as problems were discovered. The order details form in admin was broken, checkout was not ready and had to be revamped, the default date format was messed up, and there were a bunch of little things that were cleaned up. PayPal Standard was tested and passed -- to my relief...

LaSalleMart #14: Real World Intrudes

Feb 18, 2013


Your demand for LaSalleMart 2.0 is getting ahead of my user testing debugging and checkout improvements...

LaSalleMart #13: New Year Update

Jan 7, 2013


LaSalleMart 2.0 is at a delicious point now. The forking exercise is done. The builds are done. The websites are done...

LaSalleMart #12: Re-Launch, Plus New LaSalleCMS

Dec 11, 2012


A month ago, I completed my LaSalleMart 2.0 launch. Having done so, I took a deep relaxing breath and looked at my handiwork. It didn't take long to conclude that I had more work to do. Most glaring was the lack of a LaSalleMart website. Wanting to direct everyone to my SouthLaSalleCommerce site, all that I accomplished was to confuse myself. My sites were not intuitive to follow...

LaSalleMart #11: Joomla-LaSalleMart Package A Reality

Nov 9, 2012


Cover new LaSalleMart website, available packages, Joomla distro, quick hits, and what development is on-deck...

LaSalleMart #10: Announcing LaSalleMart For Joomla 2.5

Oct 15, 2012


LaSalleMart 2.5 is a fork of the nascent Tienda for Joomla 2.5. Continuous deployment and multiple packages are key goals of LaSalleMart. To set the table, I busted up the Tienda zip file into 61 separate installable zip files. There is an extension zip, a library zip, a system plugin for the library, 19 modules, and 39 plugins. Each has its own repository. There are 69 build files to put it all together. The only way to install 'em is via the Joomla installer. A typical install will only use 10 to 15 zip files, so no need to worry about installing 61 separate zips...

LaSalleMart #9: LaSalleMart News

Sep 19, 2012


More on software development, Moneyball of software, and LaSalleMart's progress.

LaSalleMart #8: LaSalleMart News Video

Aug 5, 2012


Regular monthly update about LaSalleMart and Club, this time via a video.

LaSalleMart #7: LaSalleMart 1.0 Is A Reality

Jun 7, 2012


My vision is nothing more than a pissed-off angry consultant who is told over and over again by extension purveyors to change the code myself. Well, I did. Not only did I change the code myself, but I did it with my distinct user perspective. Having sat down and actually translated my vision into a tangible and concrete cart extension, and succeeded -- well, it blows my mind...

LaSalleMart #6: Continuous Development – You Need To Get A Piece Of This Action

Mar 27, 2012


... he gets features to his site faster using "Continuous" ideas. This is, ultimately, the message that is getting out to the programming community, and we should be taking note...

LaSalleMart #5: Moneyball And The Soul Of Value

Feb 28, 2012


Written summary of my Hangout, as technical problems derailed its publication...

LaSalleMart #4: The Moneyball Of Joomla ECommerce

Feb 9, 2012


The Moneyball movie is an interesting backdrop for telling you about how I want to approach LaSalleMart's development....

LaSalleMart #3: Inaugural LaSalleMart Hangout Podcast

Jan 19, 2012


Zach Atkinson (, Joe Sonne (, and Suzan Marie Chin ( join me today to talk about the philosophy behind LaSalleMart, creating simultaneous builds, the reseller idea, funding, and other topics.

LaSalleMart #2: The Response To "It's Free Open Source Software"

Jan 18, 2012


Earlier today, we recorded our inaugural LaSalleMart Hangout podcast. Before I publish our first Hangout, background is needed. There's a philosophy behind my Club Commerce and LaSalleMart...

LaSalleMart #1: Welcome To The LaSalleMart Podcasts

Jan 17, 2012


Welcome to the LaSalleMart News and Hangout Podcasts. Bringing you updates, and private conversations, about LaSalleMart...