LaSalle Software monthly update podcast. Reporting on the good, the bad, and the ugly of ongoing development. Produced by Bob Bloom, founder and developer of LaSalle Software.

LaSalle Software News #13: Deep Studying

Dec 1, 2016


LaSalle Software's API development morphed into a Rabbit Hole of PaaS research. Taking pause to do this research. As well, I'm going to do the most comprehensive TDD course I've seen which is hot off the press.

LaSalle Software News #12: New Software Site, New Software Version

Nov 1, 2016

 (15:18) is launched. Lasalle Software version 2.0 development starts next month. I am doing the Nov meet-up talk. True North Conference coming up.

LaSalle Software News #11: Version 2.0 First Inklings

Sep 29, 2016


After a month of mulling it over, I am pretty sure I need to do version 2.0.

LaSalle Software News #10: Doing Deferables

Aug 4, 2016


Finally, got through my deferrable to-do list in July. Decide to move LaSalle Software to Laravel Framework v5.3 when it is released. Strides made in organizing GTA PHP North meet-up group.

LaSalle Software News #9: The Summer Of Catch-Up

Jul 7, 2016

 (18:21) deployment need core tweaks, most difficult site I've done, skills upgrading and catching up this summer.

LaSalle Software News #8: Quick Update

Jun 7, 2016


Tagged v1.2 last month. Working on new web app.

LaSalle Software News #7: Inbound Email, Wrap Up V1.2.0, Dive Into Automated Software Testing, Finally!

May 2, 2016


Three new FOSS packages as a result of first paid LaSalle Software gig: Inbound email, Mailgun email parsing, Token Based Login. Wrapping up v1.2.0 this month. Diving into automated software testing, finally, this month. Possibility of a second paid gig in May.

LaSalle Software News #6: 2016 Plan Is Progressing Well

Apr 1, 2016


Wrapping up LaSalle Software v1.2.0, current development, and planned development from here to end of 2016.

LaSalle Software News #5: Engaged To Be Paid

Mar 1, 2016


On the cusp of the first paid LaSalle Software web application engagement.

LaSalle Software News #4: Client-Ready

Feb 12, 2016


Announcing the release of LaSalle Software Version 1.01 "client-ready". This is the first release that I can install for clients for two reasons. My own LaSalle Software based web applications have run smoothly for three months on live deployments. I have smoothed out a lot of rough edges...

LaSalle Software News #3: Getting Serious

Jan 7, 2016


LaSalle Software is getting serious now. Two months of successful production sites; new expanded features with which to launch variety of web apps, including enterprise workflow features; new proof-of-concept client site; ecommerce API development starts Feb 2016.

LaSalle Software News #2: Polishing Up

Dec 1, 2015


Adding features and tweaks to LaSalle Software Version 1.0 upon using it daily. LaSalleMart API development to ramp up in January. Will build email service using Lumen and Mandrill over the holidays.

LaSalle Software News #1: Released And Deployed!

Nov 12, 2015


First LaSalle Software News. Released version 1.0. Use it for my own web apps, including this Media site. Based on the Laravel Framweork. Overview, and peek into upcoming LaSalleMART.

Note: Prior to the Fall 2015, this show was called