The Bob Bloom Show #23: The Grateful JED: Does It Rock Or Roll?

Oct 7, 2010



A Mechanical Engineer turned web developer, Nicholas is mostly known as the author of Akeeba Backup, the most popular backup component for Joomla!. A prolific writer and developer, Nicholas is a regular contributor to the Joomla! Community Magazine, writes regularly on his blog about Joomla! and publishes an assortment of GPL-licensed extensions, both available for free and distributed for a fee. Here's a video interview of Nicholas at JoomlaDay Greece 2011.

Nicholas is the author of the superb Framework on Framework (FOF), designed to work with Joomla: to take the drudgery out of creating Joomla extensions; to mitigate risk from Joomla version changes; and, to expand Joomla's capabilities for extensions. 

LaSalleMart 3 for Joomla relied heavily on the FOF, which delivered on every promise, has fabulous documentation, has a terrific Google Group, and is absolutely a role model for my Laravel based LaSalle Software. 

Episode Summary

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos talks about his post on the Joomla community site, where he posted a terrific comment about the Joomla Extension Directory.

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