The Bob Bloom Show #24: The Grateful JED: Does It Rock Or Roll? The Rejoinder

Oct 13, 2010



Matt Lipscomb is a designer and developer focusing completely on the Joomla! CMS. Hailing from Gadsden, Alabama, Matt's former background is hotel development and management with a focus in online reservation systems. Since 2006 he has been building commercial websites based on the Joomla platform and in 2008 opened up Joomla Web Design by USAFL. He is a member of the Joomla! Leadership Team, and co-manager of the JED and JRD. Matt also serves on the Joomla! Community Magazine as Feature Stories Editor.

Episode Summary

Matt Lipscomb and Paul Orwig, co-managers of the Joomla Extension Directory, joins Nicholas Dionysopoulos and myself to follow-up our JED discussion.

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